shfield Security and cleaning Solution LTD is an established firm based in Bristol, We provide both security and cleaning services to clients from the corporate, private and entertainment Industry. We aim to provide 1st class services, tailored to suit our client’s needs. Our mission is to achieve client satisfaction, to be a market leader, to define parameters and to shape the future of security, inline with our vision. To retain and advance our competitive edge in order to protect and enhance our client’s experience.

We provide all our clients with discreet, trained and experienced staff who understand the need to be professional. We also provide male and female staff in order to offer you optimum choice and flexibility. Clients of Ashfield services will have the highest standard of security and cleaning service at an unbeatable price. Ashfield Security and cleaning Solution LTD will provide a cleaning service which will enable us to complete the cleaning of all areas of your premises as defined under the scope of the contract and to meet the performance requirements of the agreement. When any part of our service is subcontracted out we will assume responsibility to ensure all contractors employed will be fully competent in accordance with accepted industry standards or legislated standards. In addition we will ensure that all contractors have adequate insurance including employer’s liability policy and public liability policy to the level as stated in the terms of the contract.